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19055 Gang Reel Mower


  • Four wheel drive mower
  • Exceptional power and traction
  • 139 in (4.05 m) cutting width
  • Available with a luxury air conditioned Mauser cab

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    1905 Reel Mower


    A mechanic's and operator's dream.

    The John Deere 1905, five gang wide area reel mower, has a total cutting width of 345cm (136in) at working speeds of up to 8mph.

    Designed primarily for golf and amenity turf applications, this four wheel drive mower features a Yanmar 51hp (gross) four cylinder diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission, Command Arm armrest controls and optional 4WD.

    Initial production models are being fitted as standard with 76cm (30in) extra strength and precision (ESP) cutting reels, which are particularly popular with golf course users looking for higher productivity.

    Luxury Cab
    This mower is also available with a luxury air conditioned Mauser cab:
    • The luxury cab comes with a standard air suspension seat, providing unmatched levels of operator comfort on a machine in this class.
    • Standard power steering and fingertip controls add to the ergonomic design of the 1905.
    • Individual unit lift can be controlled via dash mounted joysticks.
    • Standard instrumentation includes an hourmeter, and a temperature guage for hydraulic oil and engine coolant.
    • Noise levels reach 83dB(A) measure at the operator's ear, with an environmental rating of 99dB(A). This is well within the European directive of 105dB(A).


    John Deere 1905 Five gang wide area reel mower