Proper planting leaves no room for error. That’s why John Deere offers a wide range of planters that seed crops in the fastest and most efficient way possible, while keeping excellent seed placement accuracy. Each features MaxEmerge Row Units with VacuMeter for optimum reliability and accuracy.

1700 Rigid Integral Planter: proven performance

1700 Rigid Integral Planter
The 1700 planter is equipped with a rigid, non-folding frame that’s perfect for planting corn, sunflowers or beets.


VacuMeter ensures row spacing in configurations of 4, 6 or 8 rows (wide) and 4, 6, 8 or 10 rows (narrow). Operators appreciate the precision placement of the TruVee opening/closing system. It saves seed costs and boosts emergence.


Pick-up-and-go mobility means easy manoeuvring. The 3-point-hitch mounting and adjustable parking stands make hook-ups a cinch. And the rugged 177x177mm steel mainframes and numerous features ensure dependable planting performance.

1720 Stack-Fold Integral Planter: ideal for bed planting and strip tilling

1720 Stack-Fold Integral Planter
Want wide planting? Need narrow transport? John Deere’s 1720 Stack-Fold Planters offer both – without having to empty hoppers. When moving to the next field, operators simply fold the wings hydraulically over the centre. Seed boxes stay upright, regardless of the 1720 row configuration customers choose:


  • The 8 or 12 row models (wide)
  • The 12 or 16 row models (narrow)

1750 Drawn Planters: compact size, incredible performance

1750 Drawn Planters
The rugged and versatile 1750 Drawn Planters – with configurations of 4 rows (wide) or 4, 6, 8 rows (narrow) – offer farmers all they need for every planting and field condition (residue, hard ground, sticky soil, stony fields). Because there’s a 1750 to meet every planting and residue level requirement, operators simply add the attachments they require.

The vacuum seed meter gently pulls and holds individual seeds to the holes of the seed disk for population control and spacing accuracy. This makes rate changes quick and easy and operators can choose from 50 different planting rates. Each fertiliser hopper holds around 250kg of dry fertiliser. The entire hopper pivots for easy dumping. Drives and transmissions are included, and customers can choose from 25 transmission rates, depending on the auger chosen.

1770NT: the ultimate in productivity!

1770NT Planters – with 12 row configurations
Why are 1770NT planters – with 12 row configurations – so popular? Performance! They have more wing flex and the three-section designs ensure consistent depth control on contours and terraces.


Operators also love the 3.7m transport width, the telescoping hitch for tighter turns, the hydraulic system that ensures level operation, and the MaxEmerge XP or the Pro-Series XP row units.