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1R Series

It’s not what he can do…It’s what the others can’t.

With a 1R Series Tractor, what you imagine is what you can create.
With a full portfolio of implements, ranging from loaders to mowing decks, you can work your land from sunup to sundown.
From pushing gravel, to mowing grass or loading sand, there’s a tool that can easily attach to your 1R Series Tractor.
And with features like a deluxe seat and suspension, tilt steering and a deluxe lighting kit, you realize that while the 1R Series is doing the heavy work, you’re just along for the ride.

  • AutoConnect Mower Decks AutoConnect Mower Decks
    In no time at all, you can attach one of our exclusive AutoConnect Decks to a 1R Series tractor without ever leaving your seat. Simply drive over the deck ramps, listen for two clicks as the deck attaches, and you’re done. Yes, it’s that easy. And quik.
    View AutoConnect Deck
  • H120 Quik-Park Loader H120 Quik-Park Loader
    To move piles or small mountains, our loaders have the capacity to reduce them to molehills in no time. And with our John Deere H120 Quik-Park Loader, you're up and running in no time.
    View Quik Park Loader
  • Adding more versatility Adding more versatility
    With a standard category one 3-point linkage and our optional John Deere Quik Hitch you can add versatility to your tractor and easily change between implements.
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