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S Series


We know your business. Like no other.

We’ve been building harvesting equipment for more than 100 years. In that time we’ve harvested more than a few billion tonnes of grain. We’ve also been harvesting the views and opinions of farmers and contractors the world over.
You’ve told us you want minimal grain losses. Excellent straw quality. Multi-crop capability. Rock solid reliability. Low operating costs. And professional back up and support when you need it. 

Welcome to the S-Series combines.
John Deere…
...harvests half the world’s grain
...invests €3.8 million in R&D every 24 hours
...has produced 1,100,000+ Combines

  • The Connected Combine. Always online.

    The Connected Combine. Always online.

    The S-Series is more than a high performance harvesting machine in the field. It’s constantly connected via satellite and cellular technology, enabling remote machine monitoring, diagnosis, wireless data transfer and two-way communication.

  • Precision speed control. Better fuel economy.

    Precision speed control. Better fuel economy.

    ProDrive gives you precise control of your ground speed across two infinitely variable speed ranges. You simply set one range for your typical harvesting speed and the other for transport. All you then have to do is press the button for your chosen range and control the combine’s speed within that range by pushing and pulling the hydro lever. There’s no need to stop to change gear.

  • Active concave isolation

    Active concave isolation

    Setting the concave clearance is critical to ensuring the crop is threshed properly. The hydraulic concave isolation automatically adjusts the clearance to handle heavy, dense crops without overloading the rotor.