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Features & Specs

  • Integrated Combine Adjustment - ICA 2
  • Single Rotor advantage
  • Active Concave Isolation
  • Programmable Control Centere
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PowerTech PSS engine13.5 l
Max Power (ECE R120) 402kW/547
Transport speed40Km/h
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The Automated Combine

Our revolutionary Integrated Combine Adjust (ICA2) automatically guarantees consistent output of the harvesting process whatever the conditions. Eliminating the need for regular manual adjustments it gives operators the confidence their combine is operating as efficiently as possible.

Independent tests* have shown that the utilization of the installed combine capacity by the operator can vary by up to 20%. ICA2 takes away that uncertainty giving you the optimum performance. Hour after hour. Day after day. What differentiates ICA2 from other systems is it controls both the threshing and cleaning systems, so you have complete control of the harvesting process.

Digital cameras located in the clean grain and tailings elevators continuously measure the amount of broken kernels and dirt, making real-time automatic adjustments to maintain the pre-set levels with no operator input required.





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