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Features & Specs

  • Spacious and comfortable Premium cab
  • Advanced Variable Stream Rotor threshing concept
  • Active tailings return
  • Convenient transmission options
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Max Power (ECER 120)402 kW (547 PS)
Grain tank volume 14100 l
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    S680 Combine

    Experience the future

    Beneath the sleek styling of the new S680, every component and every system is engineered for maximum uptime and productivity.
    From the headers to the unloading auger, we geared everything to match the uncompromising performance of the new Variable Stream Rotor –the most advanced threshing system on the market.
    With the superb Premium Cab and powerful i-Solutions, the new S680 will enable you to harvest more efficiently and comfortably than ever before.

    S680 Combine

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    *Maximum engine power.

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