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Features & Specs

  • Spacious and comfortable Premium cab
  • Advanced Variable Stream Rotor threshing concept
  • Active tailings return
  • ProDrive transmission in Base
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Displacement13,5 l
Max Power (ECE R 120)402 kw (547 PS)
Grain tank volume14.100 l
Unload rate135 l/sec

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    S680 Combine


    Unrivalled harvesting capacity. Outstanding reliability.

    Get ready for more uptime and higher productivity at harvest time with the S680 combine.

    The John Deere S680 combine is quality engineered to meet your needs for high capacity and excellent grain, straw and chopping quality. Plus exceptional uptime and low cost of operation.

    The S680 delivers better grain quality and higher throughput for lower operating costs. The single rotor design is simple and reliable, with few moving parts which means lower power consumption, less wear and fewer maintenance parts. In fact, there are no daily grease points on an S-Series.

    S680 Combine



    *Maximum engine power.