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600D Header

The 600D header features active material movement with a belt but without any auger. This reduces the weight and ground pressure. The belt does not mix the crop like and auger and feeds the crop heads fi rst intro the feederhouse. This improves the performance especially of the S-Series rotor combines.*

Hydraulic tilt: The 600D cutting angle can be hydraulically adjusted out of the cab. This means you can change the angle of cut and with the this the height of cut out out of the cab. As a result you can cut as low as 38mm to gather e.g. down crop or crops close to the ground like beans and peas well.

Integrated suspension system enables best ground following capability: The HydraFloat integrated suspension system in combination with the gauge wheels allows to adjust the sensitivity of the gauge wheels hydraulically from the cab to enable consistent cutting-height performance. The Poly skid shoes set at 38mm cutting height provide less friction and adhesion of soil.

Superb crop delivery to feederhouse: The large centre feed drum improves the transition of crops to the feederhouse especially when harvesting in high volume crops such as rye, barley or canola for optimum combine loading.

Faster harvesting: The combination of the dual-knife system and double-cut knives cut cleanly and smoothly so you can harvest at higher ground speeds.

Lower cost of operation: Due to the belt transport instead of the auger in damp conditions like in the morning or in the evening less blockages will happen. That means more capacity during the harvesting campaign. Also less moving parts (no auger, no fingers) mean less wear costs.




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* Not suitable for rapeseed or canola