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800 Series


The 8X2 range with their solid, welded frame construction are anything but ‘entry level’ models. They will bale reliably all day long.

At their heart is a heavy duty welded frame which guarantees a long, reliable working life. In common with other variable chamber balers, the 8X2 Series features a formation chamber with flat belts and a belt tensioner.

Move up to the 8X4 range and you’ll enjoy greater automation and versatility.

It starts right at the front with a choice of 2.0 or 2.2 m high capacity pick-ups and an efficient gearbox for better power delivery. Inside there are uprated drive chains for higher volume baling and an optional third starting roll for intensive silage baling.

Advanced monitoring and control systems including the optional GreenStar 1800 display give you a new level of control. Now the operator can control bale formation, the pivoting drop-floor and wrapping with even greater precision and confidence. Add to this easy maintenance with gullwing side doors and an automatic lubrication system and you have a formidable baling machine that will last for years.

800 Series

842, 852 and 862
Rock solid reliability. High quality output.

  • Heavy duty welded frame
  • 3-ply ultra strong Diamond Tread belt
  • Easy to use monitoring systems
  • 2.0 m pick-up
  • HiFlow feeding system
  • Performs best in hay and straw

854 and 864
Multicrop versatility. Time-saving design.

  • All the strengths of the 8X2 with extra functionality
  • Advanced monitoring and control systems
  • 2.0 or 2.2 m high capacity pick-ups
  • RotoFlow feeding system
  • Hydraulic drop floor
  • Multicrop performer