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Reliable baling. Season after season.


At John Deere our balers are consistently optimized to ensure outstanding customer value.
Outstanding reliability; because we focus on little things that count – e.g. a unique, reliable design – our balers make a big difference.

Outstanding durability; our welded frames will take all the abuse your farm or contracting business dishes out.

Outstanding forage quality; our small diameter pickups ensure smooth uniform crop flow into the chamber.

Variable Chamber baler

Variable Chamber Balers

Under the skin is where our rugged flexibility begins. Why? A wide range of features, such as increased gearbox capacity for higher bale densities, drop-floor unplugging and a new, easy access design, let you tailor these balers to your specific needs.


800 Series
  • 900 Series
  • Fixed Chamber baler

    Fixed Chamber Balers

    As crop is gathered into the baler chamber, dynamic drive-rollers spin it in an anti-clockwise direction. The crop accumulates. The chamber fills. And additional rollers – with or without slats – form the bale to perfection before it is wrapped and discharged. This baling procedure won’t surprise experienced operators. But the many benefits that make our fixed-chamber round balers so productive will.

  • F400 Series
  • Wrapping Balers

    Wrapping Chamber Balers

    Produce perfectly wrapped bales with one tractor and one operator, one baler and zero worries. Our proven Transport Table System moves the bales smoothly and quickly form the chamber to the wrapping system. As the time necessary for making stops decreases, productivity increases.

  • C440R
  • Large Square Balers

    Large Square Balers

    Simple technology that produces rock-hard, super-dense, well-shaped bales. The heavy duty aggressive integrated converging augers and rotor tines provide maximum efficiency, while John Deere pre-chamber design allows the baler to adapt to changing windrows for uniform flakes and a consistent bale. The unique single tie knotting system instantly releases the tension on the twine during the knotting cycle, providing increased reliability and trouble-free knotting. For the ultimate in productivity and ease of use, team the ISOBUS certified 1400 Series large square baler up with an advanced GreenStar ISOBUS display.

  • 1400/L1500 Series
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