The TANGO E5 is designed to maintain your lawn automatically meaning you can enjoy the more important aspects of life. Designed, innovated and built by John Deere to its highest manufacturing standards, the TANGO E5 autonomous mower sets a new benchmark in lawn maintenance.
  • Easy to set up

    Easy to set up

    For the best mowing results, ask your John Deere dealer to help you plan and install the boundary wire. The guide wire is virtually invisible, and is easy to move when you change your garden layout. Your local TANGO specialist John Deere Dealer has the experience and training to assist you.

    • John Deere Tango


      TANGO knows when it’s time to recharge, and heads for the docking station automatically. Thanks to the powerful Li-Ion battery, that doesn’t happen too often. Incidentally, the docking station doesn’t have to be on the lawn. As long as it’s within reach, it can go almost anywhere. A cleanup lap around the entire garden boundary ensures all edges will be well-maintained.

    • Dealer support and installation

      Dealer support and installation

      Ask your John Deere dealer for support and installation. Professional planning and installation ensures the best mowing results

      • Easy Programming

        Easy Programming

        Dont't want the TANGO E5 to mow during your garden party? The large, at-a-glance display makes reprogramming easy and intuitive - no expert assistance required.

        *   Tango E5 currently available in selected countries only.
        ** Depending on ground conditions and garden layout. Consult your dealer for a demo in your garden, verifying if the mower operates smoothly.