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JDLink Ultimate


  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Increase machine utilisation
  • Obtain valuable diagnostics

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    JDLink Ultimate


    JDLink Ultimate gives you the hard facts on fuel consumption.


    You can identify the amount of time spent doing different tasks and cut down on non-productive engine hours such as idling. See how the machines are being utilised with analysis of engine load for better working efficiency. And, you can set your own alerts on individual machines so you’ll know if fuel consumption goes above a certain level, fuel is running low or you’re not performing the task as fast as you had expected you would.


    Customer Advantages

    JDLink Ultimate

    “I used to keep a log of my fuel consumption – machine hours and fuel used. But it didn’t really tell me how I was using my fuel and if I was using it in the best way.


    JDLink Ultimate gives me the information I really need to make informed decisions about how I use fuel. I’ve saved fuel and I’ve got work done faster because I’ve rebalanced my tractor and implement combinations so they are better suited for each individual job.”



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