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JDLink Select


  • Geo-fence individual machines
  • Monitor machine hours
  • Plan maintenance

Locate a dealer

    JDLink Select

    JDLink Select helps you optimise your machine logistics. It shows you the exact location of every machine on detailed, full-colour Google maps.


    You can also define a geographic radius each machine operates within. If anyone tries to steal your equipment, you’ll get an alert on your mobile phone, as well as on the website. The website also tracks the position of your machines at short, regular intervals so you’ll know exactly where it’s heading!


    Customer Advantages

    JDLink Select

    “Knowing where all my machines are at any one time has allowed me to manage my fleet much more effectively with less stoppages. Over a day all those saved minutes adds up.


    I can also set geo-fence areas for individual machines. It’s a useful feature when we have to leave machines overnight without any security. If a machine moves out of the specified area I get an instant text alert.”

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