Parallel Tracking


  • An integrated Terrain Compensation Module
  • The ability to work in curves and straight tracks
  • Faster field speeds even in low visibility conditions
  • The ability to operate wider implements such as cultivators, sprayers and lime spreaders

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    Parallel Tracking

    All-terrain accuracy all day: Parallel Tracking

    AMS: Installation of John Deere StarFire iTC receiver
    Parallel Tracking is an ideal hands-on guidance solution for expanding operations. It fits your budget. And it makes it easy to upgrade to an automatic or integrated steering system. The improved efficiency saves you time, chemicals and fuel.

    Parallel Tracking is ready to use and easy to install on any machine in your fleet that has a 12-volt power source. And it can be quickly upgraded without changing the hardware.

    Easy to upgrade: To add more productivity and hands-free guidance, simply attach the retrofit AutoTrac Universal 200 Steering Kit to the Parallel Tracking components you already own. Want even more precision? Upgrade your StarFire 3000 receiver to pick up the John Deere SF2 correction signal.

    • AutoTrac Universal 200 Steering Kit
    • SF2 signal for better pass to pass accuracy
    • Mapping and documentation functionalities (depending on your display)
    • ISOBUS (depending on your display)

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