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Loader Wagon Automation


  • Intelligent speed control
  • Higher productivity
  • Optimized throughput
  • Intelligent stop function

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    Loader Wagon Automation

    Lighten your load

    Baling isn’t the only implement that provides you with the added value of automation! On your Pöttinger loader wagon, intelligent speed control can make your life much easier and your work more productive. An ultrasonic swath scanner enables speed adjustment according to swath size. So, for the first time ever, you can now automatically optimise throughput on your loader wagon based on facts rather than guessing. Overload is history – an intelligent stop function even shuts off the PTO, before blockage stops you.


    * Loader Wagon Automation is currently available on Pöttinger Loader Wagons Wagons Jumbo and Torro and GreenStar Ready John Deere 6030 Premium tractors.

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