GreenStar Lightbar


  • Manual guidance system
  • Operation is easy as A-B-C
  • Easy to install on any machine
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Getting started with manual guidance is as easy as A-B-C.

The GreenStar Lightbar System.
John Deere makes reaping the benefits of guidance as easy as A-B-C. Because with the GreenStar Lightbar package you get a simple, economical steering aid that increases productivity. Its 27 tracking LEDs tell you whether your machine is on course or not. So it’s easy to steer left or right based on which lights are illuminated.

AMS: John Deere GreenStar Lightbar System

Setup and use of GreenStar Lightbar is simple. Just push 3 buttons: Pushing button A and B on the Lightbar defines the line/reference track. Pushing button C determines your track width (x).

AMS: John Deere GreenStar Lightbar setup graphicSimplicity of use – system versatility – value for money

The GreenStar Lightbar system saves you time and operating costs.
It provides a great “view” even under low-visibility conditions (e.g. fog, dust and at night). And it can be run as a standalone unit or as a companion for any GreenStar 2 display.



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