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Active Implement Guidance


  • Guidance for both tractor and implement
  • Tractor and implement follow exactly the same tracks
  • All accuracy levels

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    Active Implement Guidance
    With Active Implement Guidance you get the best of both worlds – tractor and implement guidance.

    It really comes into its own when you’re working in situations where repeatable accuracy is a must. Both the tractor and the implement follow the same defined path, so there is no potential crop damage by the wheels of the tractor on subsequent passes. That’s crucial if you grow high-value crops, for instance.

    Other useful applications are strip till farming where weed control is required and inter-cropping. Active Implement Guidance is also a real benefit if you have an irrigation system as it avoids accidental damage of pipes or channels.

    Active Implement Guidance works with a wide range of steerable implements equipped with either side-shift, drawbar axle or disc steering. StarFire receivers are mounted on both the tractor and implement and it is controlled via your GreenStar display. Using either RTK or SF2 signals it follows straight, curved and circular tracks.

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