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Active Fill ControlStress free forage harvesting


  • Minimize operator stress and fatigue by allowing operators to position the spout and flap automatically.
  • Improve harvest efficiency.
  • Harvest in all conditions, from day to night.
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    John Deere Active Fill Control


    Operating an SPFH is a challenging situation that requires the operator to drive the machine, monitor crop flow, track and adjust machine settings, monitor other vehicles in the field, and aim the spout. Minimise stress by simplifying or automating main tasks of this operation with Active Fill Control.

    Active Fill Control

    Active Fill Control utilizes a stereo camera to automatically control the rotation and flap position of the spout.

    The system can actively track transport vehicles and aim the crop flow at the proper location to execute a desired fill strategy. It automatically fills trailers to maximum capacity while allowing the operator to focus on productivity-related tasks such as machine optimization.

    NEW: Active Fill Control is now also able to automatically adjust spout positioning in rear-unload conditions when e.g. opening a new field.




    Intelligent filling for higher productivity

    Intelligent filling for higher productivity

    AFC uses camera based technology to reduce stress, fatigue and spillage and increase productivity.

    • Once AFC is engaged, it detects the edges of the trailer next to the SPFH.
    • AFC then senses the fill level of the trailer.
    • A fill strategy is determined to enable an even fill of the trailer. Abb. Bild – something similar to the picture from AFC PowerPoint under ‘Easy Monitoring’, without the numbers.
    • Thanks to LED spout lights, this can be achieved under all conditions, from darkness to dust, rain or shading.

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