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StarFire 6000 Receiver

Features & Specs

  • SF1, GLONASS and Terrain Compensation Module (TCM) in Base
  • Triple StarFire Accuracy
  • 9 months in-Season Repeatability
  • RTK Extend – 14 day
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Improved SF1 signal15 cm pass-to-pass accuracy, free of charge
NEW SF3 Signal3 cm pass-to-pass accuracy and in season repeatability
RTK 2.5 cm pass-to-pass accuracy and long-term repeatability including 14-days RTK Extend if you lose line of sight

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    StarFire 6000 Receiver


    The StarFire 6000 Receiver

    The StarFire 6000 is our new generation receiver, uniting leading edge receiver technology and yet again defining a new standard of ultimate accuracy and signal stability.

    The StarFire 6000 works seamlessly with all accuracy levels and John Deere guidance systems. Second to none the StarFire 6000 inherited the field proven Terrain Compensation Module (TCM) to automatically compensate roll, pitch and yaw of the vehicle, while GLONASS compatibility remains in base. SF1 accuracy has further improved, being far superior to EGNOS and continues to be free of charge.

    Introducing “Triple StarFire Accuracy”, the new SF3 correction signal with “In-Season-Repeatability” and up to four times quicker pull-in time, as well as further enhanced RTK solutions such as 14-days of “RTK Extend”, the StarFire 6000 receiver already today is ready to compete with the future.

    Last but not least, to provide you peace of mind, the StarFire 6000 is now also available with a locking device.

    Ultimate uptime with Triple StarFire Accuracy

    The StarFire 6000 receiver picks up three StarFire correction signals from geo-stationary satellites in parallel instead of just one. In case of signal loss to one of the geo-stationary satellites the receiver can instantly switch to one of the two other SF3 correction signals provided. This ensures maximum uptime and accuracy even in difficult conditions like working on headlands next to the forest. Triple StarFire Accuracy is a new in base feature to SF1 and SF3 accuracy levels.

    New SF3 signal with In-Season-Repeatability

    Compared to the previous SF2 correction signal, the new SF3 signal not only provides improved 3cm pass to pass accuracy, but much more important SF3 is repeatable within the course of a 9 months season. When working in long fields or when returning to a field for a different application on a later date, guidance line drifts will be history.

    RTK available non-stop

    John Deere RTK solutions on a StarFire 6000 receiver now come with up to 14 day RTK Extend capability. In other words, should you lose line of sight to your RTK radio base station or disconnect from the cellular network if running on a Mobile RTK solution, the StarFire 6000 can maintain RTK accuracy and repeatability for up to 14 days. Providing maximum uptime to your operation.



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