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Aercore 2000Mounted Aerators

Features and Specs

  • 77.5-inch coring swath
  • Fiberglass reinforced belts
  • Six tine options to choose from
  • Simple maintenance
Machine Coring width,in.77.5-in (190.6 cm)
Productivity 2.4 x 2.0-in40,026 sq ft/hr(3,722 sq m/hr)
Time Sizes Option 11-in (25.4 mm)
Dimensions Weight, lb.1,728 lb (772 kg)
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    Aercore 2000


    Got acres and acres of aeration ahead of you? Put one of these behind you.

    John Deere aerators employ a Flexi-Link design to ensure the tines stay perpendicular longer for a higher-quality hole, without sacrificing efficiency. Easily accessible belts power the systems instead of chains, making them quieter and easier to maintain. For fast, quality results, they deliver every time.





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