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Commercial Parts: Air filter

Stop Dirt and Debris

Air filters have a challenging job. They need to stop dirt, without slowing down the thousands of cubic feet of clean air an engine needs to run. Slow down the air, and performance and fuel efficiency suffer. Let dirt through, and you could be looking at a major engine breakdown. John Deere air filters excel at this balancing act. They fit perfectly. The rubber top and bottom are designed so there’s a tight seal, keeping dirty air from bypassing the filter. The Deere designed filter paper, protected by a rust resistant wire mesh, gives you a larger surface area than competitive filters to allow the right amount of airflow to the engine for the best performance. With genuine John Deere air filters you get more filtering area to stop dirt particles in their tracks. Why settle for anything less?

Commercial Parts: Blade

Get a Sharper Edge

At first glance, a John Deere mower blade might look similar to a competitor’s blade. But in the grass, there’s a world of difference. The fit is perfect. The blade hole is exactly centered and the right diameter. This prevents deck vibration that can cause operator fatigue and other mower parts to fail. The blade material is also better. John Deere mower blades feature a unique steel that incorporates carbon, boron, and other materials for a hardness that helps keep the cutting edge sharper, longer. That sharper edge gives a cleaner cut, helping your lawn stay healthy and green.

Commercial Parts: Belt

Takes a Beating

With V belts, only the strong survive. That’s why John Deere belts are built stronger, with more stretch resistance. In strength tests, John Deere belts hold punishing tensions that snap ordinary belts. Plus they hold their shape better for consistent power transfer. Another plus, John Deere belts feature a lower coefficient of friction for smooth clutching and drive engagement. Every time your operator engages the mower drive, there’s a shock load on the V belt. John Deere belts stand up to those loads because they are designed specifically for the job. Don’t settle for a “close-enough” V belt that’s designed for “average use”. Get the genuine John Deere part designed specifically for your machine, and your gruelling work schedule.