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Tractor Maintenance

Tractor Maintenance

Tractor Maintenance

You chose John Deere because you wanted the best.  So when it comes to servicing your machine it makes sense to only use genuine maintenance parts and lubricants which are designed and approved by John Deere.


John Deere FiltersFilters are the heart of efficient performance. Because they have been designed specifically to work with your tractor, we strongly recommend that you only ever use genuine John Deere filters. Oil, fuel and air filters prevent harmful particles from entering the engine while also reducing fuel consumption. Dirty filters can increase fuel use by up to 5% per filter, so it makes sense to ensure you change your filters as soon as they come to the end of their effective life.

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tractor filters

Find the right filters for your tractor - filter overview

Lubricants, Coolants & Greases

Every lubricant we offer is developed by expert John Deere engineers and ideally optimized to meet heavy-duty requirements. Our products not only upgrade your tractor performance, they also protect it from wear and prolong the life of your investment. It also helps to reduce maintenance costs by extending service and drain intervals.


  1. Hydraulic and transmission oil
  2. Transmission oil
  3. Greases
  4. Coolant
  5. Engine oil

Lubricants, Coolants & Greases

Plus-50 II is an advanced engine oil designed to extend oil drain intervals, ensure a longer engine life and provide improved performance and protection in  Diesel engines, including low emission engines (Stage III B/ Stage IV).

Hy-Gard is a Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO). It is specifically formulated to protect both your John Deere transmissions, wet clutches, wet brakes and hydraulic systems. Hy-Gard is extensively tested both during and after its development to exceed the JDM J20C minimum standard.

Cool-gard II is the ideal coolant to protect against corrosion and deposits in both summer and winter conditions. It protects your cooling system up to 6 years or 6000 hours of service life.

Protect your equipment – protect your investment with genuine John Deere lubricants.

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John Deere. Genuine for a reason. Batteries

We know your batteries have got their work cut out and you need them to perform even in tough conditions. That’s why John Deere batteries are built to extremely high standards and rigorously tested to our demanding specifications, which are based on machine requirements.

StrongBox batteries – Outstanding technology meets the requirements of special applications.

If you need quality, performance and reliability, especially when facing extreme conditions off-road, StrongBox batteries are ideal. Proven to deliver better performance, they’re built using the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology for heavy-duty applications.

strongbox batterie

Our battery promise

  • Meets John Deere requirements and quality standards
  • Superior starting performance, even under extreme operating conditions
  • Extreme vibration resistance
  • High charge and discharge durability, even when the engine is switched off
  • Improved energy delivery

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Paints and chemicals


Looks aren’t everything – but the better you look after your John Deere equipment, the better it will keep its value. From wipes and cleaning sprays to heavy-duty solvents and paints, we offer a complete range of products to keep your John Deere looking and working like new.

Even our paints work hard

paint chemicals

Thinking of touching up or repainting your John Deere? Nobody makes green and yellow the way we do – because only John Deere paints are made to the original formula we use in the factory. For a perfect colour match every time, insist on genuine John Deere paints.
Everything else is just green. Or yellow.

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While general information, pictures and descriptions are provided, some illustrations and text may include product options and accessories not available in all regions and for all series.Please contact your local dealer for detailed information.