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Performance Enhancing Kits

Boom Gauging Device

A wide range of performance enhancing bundles are available for factory and field installation to ensure that the sprayer is exactly tailored to your specific needs without compromising reliability, productivity, accuracy, comfort and operator & environmental safety.

Boom gauging devices prevent the sprayer boom from hitting the ground and causing serious damage at the break away.

Boom Suspension

The Boom Suspension for Hilly Fields kit enhances the boom ride at higher operating speeds or in hilly conditions.

Spray Gun

The spray gun for the chemical inductor helps you to clean the inductor walls and allows you to further dilute granulates or powders which are difficult to dissolve.

High Pressure Washer

Onboard High Pressure Washer helps you to clean both the sprayer and its booms in the field. This is a 100 bar high-pressure washer hydraulically driven and it comes with a 16 metre hose, hose reel and spray gun. Available for all 800, 800i and 800i TF Series sprayers as well as the 5430i self propelled.

Chemical Transport Box

The chemical transport box allows you to store and carry chemical containers safely with the sprayer in the field.

Self Cleaning Pressure Filter

Self-cleaning Pressure Filter allows you to flush debris that may have collected in the base of the pressure filter without removing the filter bowl.

For any further information and additional bundles, please see your John Deere dealer and ask for more information from the SprayPartner catalogue.

Water Sensitive Paper

Water sensitive paper

A simple and essential tool for evaluating spray distribution, leaf coverage and crop penetration.

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