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Crop Packaging

John Deere crop packaging products give you the best bales – bar none. It’s not just about neat, round bales which are easier to handle and less waste, it’s about preserving the quality of the forage. That means significantly higher feed value that increases the milk yield of your cows and the weight gain of livestock.

We offer a wide range of products to meet your exact needs. Choose from the unique protection of CoverEdge Netwrap, the added strength and capacity of XtraNet Netwrap, the strength and performance of Big Baler Twine or the quality of Stretchwrap.
Parts and Service: CoverEdge CoverEdge
CoverEdge netwrap extends over the edge of the bale to ensure excellent quality and full protection including the elimination of bale ‘shoulders’.
The Genuine Advantage:
  • Better weather protection - rainwater penetration and moisture is prevented from collecting within the bale.
  • Better shaped bales - the smooth edges hold the net tight to the bale’s surface reducing crop losses and making storage easier and neater.
  • Better silage protection - the unique elasticated edge threads pulls the net in on the bale "shoulders", completely covering it and eliminating the risk of trapping air when wrapping with film.
  • Fully covered bale ‘shoulders’ also reduce the risk of film puncturing when bale wrapping, by producing a bale with smooth edges containing the crop stalks.
Parts and Service: CoverEdge Netwrap
John Deere advanced baling technology saves time, money and reduces waste. There’s our stunning new generation XtraNet 4200m, the tried and tested XtraNet 3600m and CoverEdge Netwrap with its elasticated edge threads.
The Genuine Advantage:
  • Bales are easier to handle with less crop losses when moved
  • Your dry crops stay dry – thus providing ideal bedding for your cattle
  • Straw bales transport and stack better
  • When it comes time to sell, your bales bring a higher value at market
  • Designed specifically for your baler
  • Makes better silage bales by eliminating trapped air and reducing film damage during application
Parts and Service: Netwrap XtraNet 4200XtraNet 4200 m
XtraNet 4200 m net is the new generation of high-strength zebra net that gives you 40% more net than a 3000 m roll and, thanks to the easy-view zebra net roll pattern, it’s also easier to load rolls and identify the un-roll direction of your bales.

When you add to this our new Bale+ manufacturing technology that uses a special mix of advanced raw materials you enjoy:

The Genuine Advantage:
  • 40% more roll length than standard 3000 m net rolls – for maximum baler utilisation.
  • More net strength (minimum strength > 270 kgf) – for maximum performance, regardless of the crop you want to bale.
  • Ideal roll weight – thanks to advanced components, the extra length and strength of new Bale+ XtraNet net is still well within a workable roll weight.
  • Long-lasting roll consistency – 2 rolls can provide enough net to bale all day, regardless of the round baler you use or the crop you harvest.
  • Fewer time-wasting roll changes and less waste packaging.

The Benefits of Bale+ technology are Also Available in XtraNet 2800m Length Rolls

NetwrapWidthRoll Length
John Deere XtraNet 4200m123 cm4200 m
John Deere XtraNet 2800m123 cm2800 m
John Deere CoverEdge XL130 cm3300 m
Parts and Service: Baler Twine Baler Twine
John Deere Big Baler Twine is renowned for its strength and performance and it is suitable for all makes of large square balers for hay, silage or straw baling.
The Genuine Advantage:
  • Extra strength - manufactured from the highest grade raw materials on Europe‘s most advanced plastic extrusion lines, this ensures the best quality and performance for trouble free baling
  • Easy feed system - ‘easy feed‘ spool centres reduce the risk of kinked twine being pulled from the start of the spool
  • Quality assured - manufactured to a Quality Assurance system ensures uniformity and consistency throughout
Parts and Service: Stretchwrap Stretchwrap
John Deere XtraFilm guarantees maximum performance in the challenging environment of quality bale wrapping.
The Genuine Advantage:
  • The co-extruded film is made from 100 % virgin polymers for the greatest strength
  • Superior cling properties for a powerful airtight seal for every bale – under all conditions
  • UV protected with inhibitor in the film reduces degradation from sunlight when stored outside
  • Puncture-and-tear resistant thanks to 25micron thick plastic


No. of Layers

Roll SizeNo. of TurnsBales per Roll
(1.2m x 1.2m size bale)

4 layers with 50% overlap

500 mm x 1800 m
750 mm x 1500 m
XtraFilm*6 layers with 50% overlap500 mm x 1800 m
750 mm x 1500 m

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*Available in Green and Black.