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John Deere launches new R952i trailed sprayer

At the 2013 SIMA Show (25th-28th February), John Deere launched a new model in the R900i Series of trailed sprayers. The R952i sprayer with 5,200 litre tank is packed with intelligent solutions to support arable farmers and contractors in the entire crop protection process from filling to spraying.

In combination with a standard double-link axle suspension system, the low-profile tank design provides stability both on the road and in the field. The sprayer’s SolutionCommand system combines ease of use with maximum accuracy and productivity. To comply with chemical residue management legislation, the R952i features a multi-cycle dilution program and overfill protection, both controlled from the tractor cab. Full production of the R952i sprayer started in February 2013, and first deliveries of the machine have already begun.

Intelligent solutions enhance productivity

John Deere R900i Series sprayers feature a number of intelligent solutions. The optional Tank Fill Calculator helps to optimise the filling or refilling of the sprayer and avoid excess residues. Using the conically shaped chemical inductor, crop protection chemicals can be handled easily and transferred into the main tank using a multi-functional lever and the SolutionCommand program on the in-cab display. To minimise foaming and make the tank emptying process easier, agitation can be adjusted automatically.

The AutoDilute automatic dilution system, which is also controlled from the cab, offers five different dilution levels: stepwise dilution, continuous dilution, fast dilution, boom/system rinse to remove residue from spraying components, and rinsing cycles for all spraying components.

BoomTrac automatic boom tilt and height control features two ultrasonic sensors which keep the spray boom in the correct position in the field and on the headland.

In support of John Deere’s FarmSight strategy, GreenStar satellite-controlled components help to optimise the spraying process via a range of guidance solutions, boom section control and documentation software. The application of these tools helps to make the demanding task of spraying easier and much more accurate, reduce cost and preserve the environment, especially when timing is critical.


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