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John Deere improves its robotic mower for 2013

Now there’s even more time for the fun things in life. In 2013, gardeners can enjoy improvements to John Deere’s autonomous mower, the Tango E5.

It used to take time and energy to look after a domestic garden, but not anymore. John Deere has come up with a solution for everyone who wants all the benefits of a green and well-cared for lawn without the effort of regular mowing: the Tango E5 autonomous mower. First introduced in 2012, the Tango E5 has always been energy and time efficient, as well as environmentally friendly, but for 2013 engineering improvements mean that it is now considerably faster.

A new design for the front wheels combined with a new rear wheel profile minimises turf damage and ensures better traction, especially when mowing in circles. A new rubber bumper also ensures soft touch contact with any obstacles. These updates have almost doubled Tango’s working speed, from 26 to 45cm/second.

Further changes to the Tango E5 include improvements to its electronics, with intuitive hot keys activating the three operating modes and refinements to the basic software. John Deere’s development engineers haven’t only focused on the mower. The base station, an independently accessed charging unit, has also been updated. Its docking pad features a new injection molded surface to give wet or dirty wheels better grip when going into or coming out of the charger. In addition, the connections at the back of the charging station are now covered to protect them from the weather.

Lawn care is made easy with the Tango E5. With a cutting width of 300mm and weighing only 15kg, the Tango E5 is adept at coping with hilly areas and is ideal for lawns up to 1800m2 in size.

As the mower works within predefined starting points even areas that are normally difficult to reach are easily accessed. The simple cutting height adjustment offers a wide choice of operating heights between 19 and 102mm. Its double-walled casing and silent operation (only 69dB) mean the Tango E5 can be used at any time and in all weathers without compromising the mower’s durability or reliability. The Tango’s frequent mowing maintains your lawn at the height you specify and its mulching action keeps the grass healthy as well as neatly manicured – one more step towards sustainability in the garden.

The Tango E5 also boasts a number of important safety features. These include 360 degree castor action front wheels equipped with special sensors that stop the blade immediately when the mower is picked up, and a clearly visible red stop button. Security is built in with an individual PIN code that makes the Tango E5 worthless to a would-be thief.

John Deere recommends that the Tango E5 is installed by a local specialist John Deere dealer, who will set the boundary wires and program the machine to your individual lawn requirements.

Tango E5 – the autonomous mower in brief:

  • Compact and light: 775 x 535 x 360mm (l/w/h), 15kg
  • Recommended for areas up to 1800m2
  • Turf friendly, high-traction wheels for slopes up to 30 per cent (depending on area and soil conditions); 360 degree castor action front wheels with safety sensors
  • Cutting width of 300mm
  • Cutting height adjustable from 19 to 102mm
  • High-quality star blade for durability and minimum maintenance
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery for consistent performance
  • Environmentally friendly with low energy consumption and low noise levels (just 69dB)
  • Built-in safety: independent direction changes when contacting an obstacle, as well as automatic blade stop when lifting the machine, and a clearly visible stop button
  • Intuitive user interface; pin-secured
  • Independent recharge and random navigation for a perfectly manicured lawn


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