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John Deere forage technology - next phase with the new advanced kernel/forage process design

John Deere announced that it will further advance its competence around Biomass as well as animal nutrition through the acquisition of the innovative kernel/forage processing technology KernelStar for self propelled forage harvesters. The intellectual property rights have been acquired from the German company CAWI. The technology has already established very strong customer acceptance, especially focusing on enhancing the forage quality for livestock and biogas producers.


“The new John Deere KernelStar technology will add significant value to John Deere self-propelled forage harvesters and should further enhance their productivity in the field. The integration of this new kernel processor is the result of intensive customer research and reflects the growing demand for the best possible forage and substrate quality”, says Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Chris Wigger. “Following the ‘Harvest Lab Sensor’, which has established itself in the last 5 years as the key leading ingredient sensing technology for self propelled forage harvesters, KernelStar is the second pillar of ‘forage technology innovation’.


KernelStar, a state-of the-art concept is based on a patented “bevel” disc design which allows for more intensive treatment of the kernels when compared to either the conventional cylindrical roll design or other disc designs on the market. “Apart from the improved processing of kernels, a significant reduction of over-length particles can be achieved as well as a reduction of the component’s power consumption”, explains SPFH Division Marketing Manager Richard Halsall. The new design applies contoured intermeshing discs which provide an increased surface area to enhance the crop processing. “Due to their special patented shape, the discs provide almost three times the effective processing width compared to the conventional standard roll type kernel processor”, adds Halsall.


Full integration of the concept into John Deere foragers as a factory installed option will be announced later this year, in the short term for 2012 kits can be purchased to convert self propelled forage harvesters. Specific information will be available from John Deere dealers in the coming weeks. “This new component seamlessly ties in with a number of other industry leading solutions on John Deere foragers, including innovative header solutions, the DuraDrum cutterhead and the award winning HarvestLab moisture and constituents sensor”, says Halsall.


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