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John Deere brand increases value

Following the first-ever listing of John Deere in the Interbrand report of the '100 best global brands'* last year, the company has made a quantum leap in the 2012 ranking. According to the latest Interbrand ranking, John Deere's assessed brand value stands at US$ 4.221 billion, a 16 percent increase compared to last year. In its 175th anniversary year, John Deere gained 12 places and is now ranked at 85, ahead of other well-known brands such as Starbucks, MasterCard, Harley Davidson and Ferrari.

"The Moline, Illinois-based organisation attributes its longevity to the fact that its core values (integrity, quality, commitment and innovation) are central to the brand's corporate citizenship strategy and still vital among the 60,000 employees worldwide. The company remains "committed to those linked to the land" by sponsoring agricultural development training programmes in countries like Russia and Ukraine. This commitment and authenticity clearly resonate with the brand's core audience and beyond - as the ubiquitous John Deere cap can attest," comments Interbrand.

"The improvement in our Interbrand ranking recognises the progress we have made in markets outside North America," says Agriculture & Turf Division President Mark von Pentz. "It also reflects our continuous effort to provide value-adding solutions to our customers who are linked to the land in many ways, whether as producers of food, fibre, renewable energies, shelter or infrastructure."

*Interbrand's methodology to assess brand values is ISO certified and analyses the many ways a brand touches and benefits an organisation, from driving bottom-line results to delivering customer expectation.


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