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Past Leaders

Eight great leaders, same core values

John Deere has been very fortunate to have great leaders at the helm. In fact, since its founding in 1837, there have been only eight previous captains of the Deere enterprise. Most have been Deere family members. And, although the past few leaders have not been part of the Deere lineage, John Deere remains a family-oriented company determined to uphold the founder’s core values of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation.

These eight leaders navigated the company through prosperous times, through difficult times. And always with an eye on helping customers, employees, dealers, investors, partners, communities, and nations develop, improve, and benefit through their relationships with John Deere. Perhaps that why John Deere is the company so many trust today.


Take a trip to Grand Detour, Illinois. Walk where John Deere walked, and lived, and invented the world-famous plow. When you tour the John Deere Historic Site, you can experience what life must have been like in 1837. Take in the home John Deere built and an archaeological exhibit that shows the actual site of John Deere's original blacksmith shop. And don't forget the gift shop!

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