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What's New 2014

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See what's new for 2014

Discover the latest exciting additions to John Deere’s product line up for 2014: The new 400 Series fixed chamber balers, 5G Series utility tractors, compact 6MC and 6RC Series tractors, powerful 7R and 8R Series tractors, M700(i) and M900(i) sprayers and much, much more. There is something for everyone. Take a look around!



5E 3-cylinder Series

The little giant with the big cab: 5E 3-cylinder Series

5E 3-cyl SeriesToughness, reliability, outstanding performance and low operating costs: It’s not just the new attractive and spacious cab that makes the new John Deere 3-cylinder 5E Series tractor such a tempting choice for farmers, specialist horticultural businesses, contractors and municipal authorities:

  • Powerful and economical: 2.9-litre, 3-cylinder, PowerTech M engine with turbocharger
  • New 12/12 PowrReverser transmission for faster headland turns and quick manoeuvring
  • Compact and agile: tight turning circle (3.6 m); low cab height (2.43 m) or open cab with foldable roll-over protection bar

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5E 4-cylinder Series

Some things are bigger than they appear: 5E 4-cylinder Series

5E 4-cyl SeriesA versatile tractor for the yard, a flexible front loader, a powerful workhorse for the field, a nimble vehicle for quick transport runs, a compact utility tractor. All of this – and more – combined in just one machine: the new 5E from John Deere.

Our new multi-talented 5E tractor gives you complete flexibility, versatility and efficiency.

  • Powerful 4.5-litre, 4-cylinder turbocharged PowerTech E engine
  • Efficient PowrReverser transmission: with 12 forward and 12 reverse gears and 35 km/h or with 24 forward and 12 reverse gears and 40 km/h
  • Impressive hydraulic performance: 85 litres per minute hydraulic flow, with 60 litres per minute for attachments

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5G Series

Meet your most willing worker: The 5G Series.

5G SeriesWhatever the precise nature of your business, the new John Deere 5G Series of compact tractors has the solution. From plowing, sowing and mowing to baling and transport, you always have the power and reliability you need to get the job done. With its compact dimensions and plentiful power, the new 5G is as much at home in the field as it is in the barn, or taking care of a wide range of municipal tasks

  • Very compact and powerful light utility tractor working perfectly in tight spaces
  • Built to John Deere quality standards out of well proven and durable components for maximum reliability
  • Fuel efficient 4 cylinder Stage III B engine with IPM option

5GL Series

5GL - Low profile. A new John Deere solution.

5GL SeriesCompact and manoeuvrable, the new John Deere 5GL offers all the performance you need around the vineyard or orchard. A choice of powerful engines, up to 2.6 tons of lift capacity and a full range of versatile PTOs and SCVs make this little tractor ideal for today’s speciality applications.

  • No need for space: Low height to hood, seat and rear fender
  • Field proven John Deere technology and easy serviceability
  • Tailor-made for the needs of your speciality business

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5M Series

5M - More than you would ever expect in its class

5M SeriesThe new 5M Series offers a wide range of choices combined with special family traits common to them all. Choose between the extra-large comfort cab or open station. Or the comfortable 5ML with low-profile cab for work in low stables or barns. And vegetable growers will find the narrow 5MN particularly useful.

  • 70 l/min hydraulic implement pump capacity, ideal for demanding implements
  • Power of choice with many options, for example the perfectly matching John Deere front loaders offering maximum performance and durability
  • New fuel efficient John Deere PowerTech CR engines

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6MC / 6RC Series

One philosophy – two interpretations

Tractors of the John Deere 6RC and 6MC Series concentrate the qualities and capabilities of bigger tractors into a more compact and manoeuvrable format. Proof that, to be great, you don’t have to be big. These tractors are built with all the performance, efficiency, technology, and vision that you expect from John Deere.

The 6MC ...

6MC TractorThe John Deere 6MC tractors are very capable and versatile machines. They can be specified with either 2WD or 4WD, and any of the three available PWX engines. You will enjoy superb all-round visibility – even with a fitted frontloader – and if the access to some of your buildings is height-restricted, the Low Profile cab option is for you. 6MC tractors are GreenStar ready, with ISOBUS capabilities to enhance your productivity.

  • GreenStar/ISOBUS ready option for increased productivity with guidance or ISOBUS control
  • Higher lift capacity to handle heavier implements for higher productivity
  • Fuel efficient and powerful PowerTech PWX – Diesel only engines

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... and the premium 6RC

6RC TractorFor the best performance – on road and off – plus enhanced lifting capabilities, choose the premium 6RC Series. All 6RC tractors have 4WD, and can be equipped with AutoQuad Plus 40K, AutoQuad Plus ECO 40K or PowrQuad Plus 40K transmissions for automatic clutch-less shifting. Optional Triple Link Suspension (TLS) for the front axle makes the going more comfortable and more productive. There’s also the enhanced precision of John Deere Intelligent Total Equipment Control (iTEC).

  • 10hp IPM for PTO and transport applications provides extra power when needed
  • 114 l/min PFC hydraulic system for strong hydraulic performance
  • Fuel efficient AutoQuad Plus EcoShift transmission option available

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7R Series

7R Series – Innovation you can feel

7R Series You told us that you need a tractor that is as versatile as farming itself and fully reliable to increase uptime. So we’ve given the new 7R Series more power and introduced new standard features and options to deliver maximum return on your investment and reduce the cost of operation. Whether you need to get your crop in on time, plough in difficult conditions or pull heavy equipment over long distances, you’ll find everything you need to grow your bottom line.

  • New stage IV 7310R high hp model for even higher performance and efficiency (Limited availability for 2014)
  • CommandView III Cab with redesigned CommandARM
  • New e23 transmission offering full auto, manual and custom modes for optimum performance and efficiency in every application

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8R Series

8R Series - Driven by the need for more

8R SeriesThe increased horsepower, outstanding intelligence and enhanced comfort of the new John Deere 8R and 8RT Series tractors drive maximum value from every hour in the field. With a more powerful Stage IV compliant engine, E23 transmission, and new hydraulic and flexible ballasting options, the 8R Series gives best-in-class performance at lowest operational costs. The redesigned CommandArm controls, integrated display, cab suspension and improved seat swivel and seat options give the best operator experience and comfort yet.

  • New CommandView III Cab with redesigned CommandARM
  • New e23 transmission with efficiency manager
  • JDLink for optimised fuel consumption and fleet management

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S Series

S Series – Performance and more value for every hectare harvested

S SeriesThe S-Series combines offer remarkable in field performance and thanks to less maintenance points and extended service intervals with low maintenance requirements, your cost of ownership will be reduced. You benefit from spending more time harvesting quality grain, all day and night. The new German built S-Series with European threshing systems adds value to every hectare harvested.

  • Largest grain tank with up to 14100l for more efficient harvesting logistics
  • S-Series smooth threshing and separation concept for minimal grain damage and excellent straw quality
  • John Deere Machine Sync for optimised machine logistics
  • Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA) – unique in the walker industry – for multiple optimisation strategies and better combine performance

T Series

T Series – Over the top crop flow for over the top performance

T SeriesThe T-Series delivers both quantity and quality without compromising: with the “over the top” crop flow, there’s 30% more active separation area than any other walker system on the market. The Interactive Combine Adjust system takes the stress out of machine settings.

  • Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA) – unique in the walker industry – for multiple optimisation strategies and better combine performance
  • Full range of front end equipment - 600R, 600PF, 600VS, 600D, 600F, 600C for excellent crop versatility
  • ProDrive with Engine Speed management for faster headland turns and lower fuel consumption during road transport

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W Series

W Series – Proven, reliable design and full crop versatility

W SeriesOur W-series combines give you a proven, reliable design with low maintenance and versatility for a wide range of crops. These efficient walker combines gently handle the grain and straw, making them the ideal choice for the best return on your investment. You can depend on reliable, cost-effective performance and high grain and straw quality under all conditions.

  • Large 660 mm cylinder for efficient and smooth threshing
  • Spacious deluxe cab and easy access to all components for maintenance and servicing for maximised in field harvest time
  • AutoTrac for maximum machine utilisation and minimum fuel expenditures
  • Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA) – unique in the walker industry – for multiple optimisation strategies and better combine performance


M700/M700i Series

M700/M700i Series trailed sprayers – outstanding reliability and spraying accuracy

M700/M700i SeriesThese new and easy-to-use sprayers deliver proven reliability and spray accuracy. They’re ideal for medium-sized mixed and livestock farms looking for a trailed sprayer that’s easy to use and delivers superior reliability and spray accuracy. The M700 and M700i sprayers feature advanced automated systems like BoomTrac or Section Control. Together with an easy to use concept these sprayers fit perfect to all different spray jobs.

  • Solution tank capacities: 2400, 3200 and 4000 litres
  • Compact size and robust design
  • ISOBUS technology and integrated John Deere i-Solutions for more spray accuracy
  • Highlight: Section Control now available also on non-i machines

M900/M900i Series

M900/M900i Series trailed sprayers – the new all-rounders

M900/M900iThe all new member of the John Deere sprayer family is built on reliable components of the John Deere R900i Sprayers. A wide range of specifications offers all you need to run your crop protection as productive and cost efficient as possible.

  • Solution tank capacities: 5200 and 6200 litres
  • Booms: 24-30 m with double-fold and 27-40 m with triple-fold configuration
  • Optional automatic filling: cutting time and increasing performance
  • Highlight: Section Control now available also on non-i machines


F400 Series

F400 Series fixed chamber balers

F400 SeriesDiscover the all-new range of John Deere fixed chamber balers:

F440E/F450E – Easy and economical, robust and compact
F440M – Multicrop versatility. Efficient operation.
F440R – High capacity. Heavy duty design.
C440R – High capacity. Efficient wrapping system.

The F440E and F450E are the economical, straightforward, robustly engineered balers. Complete with twine and netwrap binding systems there’s a choice of either 1.2 m (F440E) or 1.5 m (F450E) diameter bales with a standard 1.5 m pick-up or optional 1.9 m pick-up for heavier windrows.

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The M, R & C Series offer more premium features:

  • High capacity feeding system: high performance pick-ups allow for faster baling in heavy windrows without plugging
  • Powerful driveline: integrated driveline with fewer moving components requires less maintenance and is more reliable
  • Proven wrapping system for C440R: MaxiCut and bale chamber of the F440R in combination with the Transport Table will give you top quality silage that will last well into the future

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Mower Conditioners

600 and 800 Series

Trailed 600 and 800 Series Mower Conditioners – built for strength, engineered to perform

Trailed 600 and 800 Series Mower ConditionersThe new 630/635 and 830/835 mower conditioners have been designed for working widths of 3.0 and 3.5m, with a choice of impellers or rollers for the conditioning process. Their reinforced frames, large tyres and redesigned transmissions are built to ensure long-term reliability and high performance.

  • Preloaded tines impeller for improved windrow shape
  • Modular cutter bar design for strong reliability, easier maintenance and high productivity
  • 830/835 center pivot mower conditioners for fast back and forth mowing

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John Deere FarmSight

John Deere FarmSight Services

John Deere FarmSight services – profit from insight

John Deere FarmSightJohn Deere FarmSight consists of three key elements: John Deere machinery, intelligent AMS technology and innovative dealer services. Delivered through the dealer network, John Deere FarmSight Services can produce tangible results and provide customer value by increasing machine uptime and reducing operating costs.

The John Deere FarmSight Services include the support elements of regular customer information and operator training, onsite machine support as well as new remote machine support dealer activities enabled by JDLink and Service ADVISOR Remote.

John Deere FarmSight Services Packages:

  • Uptime: maximise uptime of each machine by using remote monitoring and service support
  • Performance: monitor the performance metrics of each machine and maximise the productivity
  • Logistics: monitoring many machines to optimise the efficient use of large fleets
  • Agronomics: make fact-based decisions to improve productivity and profitability


MyJohnDeere.com - the new web portal

MyJohnDeere.comMyJohnDeere.com has been designed to serve as a central web portal for customers, so they can access a variety of machinery and business relevant applications to help them in their daily decision making. A single login leads to the various John Deere apps, such as JDLink and StellarSupport. MyJohnDeere.com also includes a new Operations Centre app, which provides a quick overview of any equipment’s current location and the work progress of individual machines on a map. A new Data and Account Management system has also been developed within MyJohnDeere.com, to ensure secure data handling and protection. Accounts are set up so that only the customer controls data access.