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Wide open fields or small, steep inclines. Hot dry plains or high yielding microclimates. Oilseed rape, winter wheat to sunflowers and peas. Whatever the crop or conditions our W, T and S Series combines have been comprehensively tested right across Europe to give you the best reliability and performance.

S-Series combine


S-Series combines offer outstanding performance and deliver the best grain quality money can buy. The new European threshing system adds value to every hectare harvested.

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    T-Series combine


    T-Series combines are the largest, most intelligent and only true multi-cylinder combines on the market. With the ‘over the top’ threshing system and largest active separation area in the industry, you can be sure of the highest productivity and excellent straw quality.

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      W-Series combine


      W-Series is a proven, reliable design with low maintenance requirements and full crop versatility. These efficient walker combines offer gentle crop handling, making the W-Series the perfect choice for the best performance and best return on your investment.

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        Built in Europe

        Our commitment to quality  Our commitment to quality

        The John Deere Zweibrücken facility in Germany has been dedicated to the development and production of quality harvesting equipment since 1863. Today it’s home to the S, T and W Series combines.

        Over €200 million is being invested in new equipment and processes to produce the highest quality and most reliable combines. For instance, the entire combine is dipped in a paint bath which coats all the parts evenly before it is baked at 130 °C. This creates a hard, durable coating with excellent corrosion resistance deep inside the combine.

        The production line is also made up of highly skilled teams working together to build large components or complete products. This ensures quality is built in as each team member is responsible for their own work. So you will be fully satisfied with the quality of our combines – making harvest easier and smoother.

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        Engineered to harvest profit

        Man with grain in handsYou can only increase yields so far. You can only add so much fertiliser or apply so much crop protection. That’s why John Deere combines are designed to ensure every grain is undamaged and every length of straw is as long as possible.

        In tests with the new variable rotor system, we found grain damage on the S-Series combine was typically as low as 0.1 – 0.4 %. When you compare that to a hybrid threshing system (typically 3 – 4 % grain damage), the S-Series savings really add up.

        Independent studies have proven that 1 % of damaged grain in the grain tank equals 1 % additional loss in the field. Cracked grains are not normally seen since they do not germinate in the field and are not measured by the loss monitors. For example, on an 800 ha farm growing 60 % wheat and barley, you could save around €18 per hectare by choosing an S-Series combine.

        The savings don’t stop there either. The S-Series requires very little maintenance. On an 800 ha farm, you could save up to €1800 per year compared to a competitive combine!

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        Performance optimised - anytime, anywhere!

        Mobile Combine Optimization AppJohn Deere is well known as a combine manufacturer designing, engineering and manufacturing its own engines, transmissions, cabs and electronic control systems. This allows us to produce totally integrated machines with a range of monitoring tools to optimise your harvesting.

        Machine Sync helps you to optimise your harvesting logistics and maximises your combine productivity. Grain trailer operators can remotely view combine grain tank levels so they know which combine is ready to unload. Alternatively, the combine operator can “call” the grain trailer to unload at a specific time and location.

        JDLink Ultimate telematics lets you remotely monitor your machine status and location. And for harvest 2013 we will also be releasing a new smartphone app to help you optimise your combine whatever the conditions.

        Together, these mobile optimisation tools help deliver higher efficiency and lower harvesting costs. Anytime. Anywhere.

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        A true harvesting partner, wherever, whenever!

        John Deere European Parts Distribution Centre  Dealer and Customer

        Behind every John Deere combine is our world class dealer network, remote monitoring systems and a parts support infrastructure that’s designed to keep your harvesting operation working efficiently and reliably – maximising your uptime.

        Highly trained and certified technicians are backed up by an advanced parts stocking database which ensures your dealer retains stock of all common seasonal parts. Even if the parts you need are not available ‘off-the-shelf’, we have an excellent overnight parts delivery system. In 2012 alone, we invested €23 million to make delivery times even faster.

        Combines equipped with JDLink are also permanently ‘online’ and with your permission your dealer can pro-actively diagnose faults and assist operators to maximise harvesting efficiency. Known as John Deere FarmSight, this industry leading technology is available through a series of service packages from your local dealer.

        The best performance, the highest reliability and best dealer service!

        You don’t have to take our word for anything. Let’s meet in the field! Experience for yourself lower operating costs... better performance... better grain and straw quality… and the best dealer service.

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