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6E Series

The 6110E tractor is designed for farmers who want durability and simplicity, coupled with great performance.

  • The tractor design combines beauty, practicality and comfort for the operator.
  • The hood allows easier access to engine components that require more frequent checks.
  • The rear fenders guarantee comfort and protection to the operator.


John Deere PowerTech™ 4045 T 4,5 liter, 4 cylinder Turbocharged Engine

SyncroPlus™ Transmission

Fully synchronized with 12 forward and 4 reverse speeds. The reverser enables easy forward/reverse shifting that can be performed even with the tractor in motion. The reverse gears are 22% faster. The SyncroPlus transmission is suitable for all agricultural operations. Available for 6110E model.

Modular Frame

The unique structural frame is an important technological advantage:

  • Allows for quick and easy mounting of frontal equipment such as front loaders or blades.
  • Rubber mounted engine results in less noise and vibration on the operator platform.
  • Allows use of lighter components on the engine and transmission, reducing the total weight of the tractor and improving its efficiency.


Some suitable applications are:

  • Planting
  • Soil preparation
  • Spraying;
  • Compaction of silage
  • Haulage

Download 6E Tractor Series Specification