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1510CCarry All Scraper

Features & Specs

  • Ideal for leveling sandy soils
  • Ideal for low-cost, precision-leveling of land.
  • Large 6-inch-diameter hydraulic gate cylinder provides quick response during loading
  • Standard bucket with straight-blade configuration
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Heaped Capacity (cubic yards)15 (11.48 m3)
Loading TypeAutoload ready
Tandem Hydraulic LinesStandard
Overall Length24 ft. 10 in. (7569 mm)
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    1510C Carry All Scraper


    1510C Carry All Scraper

    1510C Carry All ScraperThe 1510C Carry All Scraper provides a 15-cu. yd. heaped capacity and a 10-ft. cut width. It requires a minimum of 225 horsepower.





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