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AutoTrac™ RowSense™ - Sprayer


  • Paddle sensor mounted on front wheel
  • For late, post-emerge applications
  • Approved for 30-in (76 cm) corn
  • For all 4 Series Sprayers


    AutoTrac RowSense™ uses a paddle sensor mounted on the sprayer’s front wheels to feel mature cornstalks in late-season rows.

    Currently tested and approved on straight 30-inch corn rows, AutoTrac™ uses input adjustment signals to help take the guesswork out of late-season application in taller corn, even if the wheels aren’t visible. Similar to AutoTrac™ RowSense™ on harvesting equipment, this version for self-propelled sprayers works by “feeling” its way down the row, and AutoTrac™ steers the wheels accordingly.

    This guidance system helps sprayer wheels stay in the center of each row and dramatically reduce yield-robbing crop damage, even if planter drift causes misalignment or the AB line from planting isn’t available at spraying.

    You can spray faster with less fatigue – especially valuable in tight application windows. Increasing sprayer speed from 14 to 18 mph (22.5 to 29 km/h) can allow an operator to cover more than 20% more acres every day. Plus, both systems dramatically reduce yield-robbing crop damage.

    This helps sprayer operators of all experience levels do their jobs with higher productivity because they can better focus on other things besides steering.

    Couple with new AutoTrac Vision for reliable guidance in early-season corn, soybeans and cotton at least 6 inches (15 cm) high. Isn’t it time to control your Row Rage? See your John Dealer for details. Performance that pays.


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