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Field and Crop Solutions

Field and Crop Solutions

John Deere tractor leaves a winding trail of groomed soil behind

Surface Water Pro™

Hit the ground running.
With Surface Water Pro™, everything you need to know shows up on your GreenStar™ Display. Drive to the field, set your boundaries, and you’re ready to go. There’s no stopping to adjust lasers. One person can drive the entire field without ever leaving the cab, saving time, fuel, and labor expenses.

Close up of screen featuring iGrade

iGrade™ compatibility

The iGrade™ controller works with much of your current John Deere equipment, including:

  • GreenStar 2600 display
  • StarFire 3000 receiver
  • Wheel tractors: John Deere 9000 Series, 8000 Series, 8R Series Track tractors: John Deere 8000T Series, 8RT Series John Deere scraper, or other SCV-operated water management implement (supported by the above platforms)
  • Surface Water Pro™ Plus AutoTrac™

Seeding tanks towed behind a John Deere tractor

John Deere Section Control for Planters

Take control of your seed costs. Install a StarFire™ 3000 Receiver, with RTK accuracy, on your tractor and a GreenStar™ Display in you cab, and take control of your seed costs with you utilize AutoTrac™, John Deere Section Control, and Row Command™. Automated steering and section control help to eliminate skips and overlaps, which can lower seed costs.

John Deere Sprayers treats a field

John Deere Section Control for Sprayers

Hit the ground running.
Increase the application accuracy and efficiency of costly chemicals and eliminate over spraying especially in sensitive crops.

A John Deere tractor works in a field pulling attachments

Raven. Partners for precision.

Improve your application efficiency with precision products from Raven. Raven Accu-Flow™ (shown here) allows the rate controller to deliver the correct amount of anhydrous where it’s needed to make sure crops get the NH3 they need for peak yield potential.

Raven and AccuFlow are trademarks of Raven Industries Incorporated.