At John Deere our balers are consistently optimized to ensure outstanding customer value. Outstanding reliability; because we focus on little things that count – e.g. a unique, reliable design – our balers make a big difference. Outstanding durability; our welded frames will take all the abuse your farm or contracting business dishes out. Outstanding forage quality; our small diameter pickups ensure smooth uniform crop flow into the chamber.

Fixed Chamber baler

Fixed Chamber Balers

As crop is gathered into the baler chamber, dynamic drive-rollers spin it in an anti-clockwise direction. The crop accumulates. The chamber fills. And additional rollers – with or without slats – form the bale to perfection before it is wrapped and discharged. This baling procedure won’t surprise experienced operators. But the many benefits that make our fixed-chamber round balers so productive will.
623 Baler

800 Series Balers

Variable Chamber Balers

With their ability  to make perfectly sized and shaped bales without the guesswork, the John Deere 8 Series Round Balers really get noticed. Here’s how:

It starts with the new roller baffle on the MegaWide pickup. You get smooth crop flow, even in the biggest windrows, so you can bale faster. No worrying about plugs.

These balers are also equipped with drive chains and sprockets built heavier, stronger for increased service life. Combine these with the all-new DiamondTough™ belts, and reliability is at an all-time high.

These new belts are even more puncture and tear resistant than previous belts, giving you even greater durability.
8 Series Balers


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