1. Outstanding drive

John Deere baler transmissions are fitted with constant velocity joints featuring auto-reset cam clutch protection. As a result, power is put to better use. Vibration is eliminated. And operators can manoeuvre sharp turns with angles as tight as 80° between the PTO shaft and the drive line.

2. High capacity

The low-profile, small diameter pickup reel makes windrows disappear without a trace. Together with the large diameter converging auger tube, high rotation speeds (190 rpm) and robust cylinders and chains, it enables our fixed chamber round balers to process up to 26m³ of crop per minute!

3. Less maintenance and servicing

Begin with a proven, welded design. Now add standard automatic chain lubrication and reinforced rollers with sealed bearings. What have you got? A lot less servicing. A lot more peace of mind.

4. Adjust bale diameters!

Need different bales in different weights and sizes? Easy. Set the bale diameter that’s best for you: 1.25 m (e.g. for silage), 1.30 or 1.35 m (e.g. for heavy straw bales).