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Make sure you’ve got every angle covered.


Blind spots....dirt....the sun’s glare....all make operating your equipment a challenge. It only takes a momentary lapse of concentration to cause a serious accident which is why it’s important to make sure you have the best possible visibility.


Our range of sun shades, mirror kits and video observation systems give you one less thing to worry about and can improve your operating efficiency.

Parts and Service: Hitch view mirror

Hitch View Mirror

This mirror fits on the right hand side of the rear window and gives you an excellent view of the pick-up hitch and rear implements.

Available for 6010, 6020 & SE, 6030, 6030 Premium, 7030 Premium Tractors

Parts and Service: Shades


These pull down shades prevent glare and help reduce heat build up in the cab. The mechanism is infinitely adjustable so you can always set it to the perfect position.

Available for all models.

Parts and Service: Rear Windscreen Wiper

Rear Windscreen Wiper

Keep your rear window free from dirt and moisture.


The attachment kit includes rear wiper motor, wiper arm, wiper blade, switch, plus installation hardware and instructions.


Available for all models.

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