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Performance Enhancements

The more efficient and productive you are, the more you earn, so it pays to add performance enhancements that improve your working efficiency.


Our radar sensors, track extensions and Headland Management Plus system will all deliver measurable improvements, so you can do more in the working day.

Parts and Service: Headland Management Plus System

Headland Management Plus

Now you can benefit from the efficiency gains of stress free and fast headland management with our Headland Management Plus system. It lets you programme and store multiple implement operations so you can make complex headland turns just by pressing a single button.

  • Easy mounting
  • Accurate performance
  • Reduced operator fatigue with multiple operations sequenced into one button
  • Operations set by the driver and do not depend on the tractor’s speed


Available for 6030 Premium, 7030 Premium tractor.

Parts and Service: Track Extensions

Track Extensions

If you're planting or spraying these track extensions let you cover more rows at once without affecting your cultivations or banks. There's no decrease in the allowable axle load either. The extended track also provides better support and stability for sprayers.

Two different extensions are available and they are easy to assemble and quick to install.
Depending on the overall tractor width you may require additional lighting and a warning sign.

Parts and Service: Electrical Sockets and Adapters

Electrical Sockets and Adapters

With so many gadgets – phones; MP3 players; implement controllers;it makes sense to have plenty of power sockets and adapters.

The multi-power outlet socket is easily installed and operates up to six 12 volt accessories simultaneously.


Available for all models.

Additional Hydraulic Reservoir

Hydraulic Enhancements: Additional Hydraulic Reservoir

Additional high capacity hydraulic reservoirs increase the amount of hydraulic oil at your disposal for demanding operations like tipping large trailers.

Parts and Service: Independent Hydraulics

Independent Hydraulics

A Power Beyond System ensures adequate and controlled power supply to implements requiring separate hydraulic flow by providing full hydraulic power independent of the tractor’s own Selective Control Valve (SCV) performance.

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