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Straw Chopper Knives

Parts and Service: Straw Chopper Knives

John Deere straw chopper knives are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances to prevent unnecessary vibration in the straw chopper as it spins at 3600RPM. Vibration can be extremely expensive; leading to premature failure of the chopper housing and straw hood as well as the drive belt.

As corn or sunflower harvest different from all other crops we offer specially designed knives for corn harvest which can withstand even heavy impacts from corn cobs. Of course those knives can also be used for any other crop. And of course all knives are available for our different chopper types – standard and premium straw chopper.

The Genuine Advantage:
  • Zone hardened to withstand high stress levels
  • Pivot holes are reamed after punching to ensure the load is evenly spread
  • Guaranteed
  • Fits exactly

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