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Rasp Bars

Parts and Service: Rasp bars

The rasp bar is the heart of your combine. It is responsible for the threshing operation, separating the grain from the rest of the plant. Genuine John Deere rasp bars go through heat treating so they’re more durable. But it is not just a question of durability: to achieve optimum yields and the best possible grain quality the profile of the rasp bar is also critical as it is responsible for the material handling.

The Genuine Advantage:
  • Our rasp bars are paired by weight so the machine is balanced, preventing damage to hubs, bearings and related parts.
  • Strong, corrugated, rolled steel means they can handle heavy threshing loads.
  • Specially designed tooth profile to ensure a gentle threshing and delivering unmatched grain quality.
  • Perfect fit and alignment is ensured through John Deere’s high standards and extremely small tolerances.

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