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S2000 Micro Sprinkler

S2000 Micro Sprinkler

S2000 Micro Sprinkler

The S2000 was developed with a simple objective in mind – a high performance micro sprinkler that performs as well as the day it was installed, even after numerous seasons and prolonged shut-off periods.

The John Deere S2000 Micro Sprinklers and S2000 Flow Regulated Micro Sprinklers are ideal choices for a wide range of applications, including bananas, nuts and citrus.

Datasheets and Technical Specifications

John Deere S2000
Technical Specifications
Wetting diameter: 1–10 m (dependent on flow rate & range limiter)
Flow rates
Non-flow regulated: 29–205 lph
Flow regulated: 24–95 lph
Inlet: 3/8" threaded male
Bananas: Use with John Deere fibreglass rod & meteor adaptor pre-assembled with 1.2 m PE tube
Macadamias: Hang from LDPE and use with John Deere meteor adaptor
Citrus/orchards: Use with John Deere Super Hammer Stake, pre-assembled with 60 cm PE tube and connector

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