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About John Deere Water

John Deere Water, a unit of Deere & Company, is now one of the largest irrigation companies in the world. With the 2008 acquisitions of Plastro Irrigation Systems and T-Systems, International and the 2006 acquisition of Roberts Irrigation Products, John Deere Water provides precision irrigation systems in more than 100 countries.

John Deere Water is one of the world's most valued providers in agricultural irrigation. Our products and services enable the efficient and uniform application of water, optimizing the use of our precious water resources while increasing the quantity and quality of crop yields.


Water is a limited natural resource that affects the existence and quality of life for all species. The demand on existing water supplies continues to increase due to many factors including population growth, competitive demand from food, fiber, and fuel crops, and a disparity between the location of water supplies and demand. This demand is not only for any water, but for clean, usable water.

As a global leader in agriculture, John Deere is uniquely positioned to help solve the world's water issues and increase agricultural productivity. It is John Deere Water's vision to be a global leader in the water industry, delivering innovative and efficient water management solutions, and partnering with our customers to enable good stewardship of our water resources.


John Deere Water has assembled a world class leadership team from the foundation companies and from the top talent in the industry. Lead by John Roberts, President of John Deere Water, the unit is implementing long-term business strategies that create value for our customers, channel partners, and shareholders.

Product lines

John Deere Water manufactures high performance micro and drip irrigation products for agricultural, nursery, landscape, greenhouse, and mining markets. The product offering includes drip tape, drip lines, on-line emitters, micro sprinklers and jets, hose and tubing, and other irrigation technology. Additionally, the company offers services such as hydraulic design, irrigation project management, soil moisture monitoring and agronomic support which provide growers with the right solutions for their crop. All backed by the strength of a company with over 40 years in agricultural irrigation, John Deere Water provides the experience and knowledge to help growers efficiently use their water resources.

Facilities & Markets

Headquartered in San Marcos, California, John Deere Water has a global presence with 13 manufacturing locations in nine countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, France, Israel, Spain and the United States). Additionally, John Deere Water has sales, marketing, and technical staff supporting sales in more than 100 countries.