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John Deere Water Orchard Products
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John Deere S2000 Micro Sprinkler
Developed with a simple objective in mind – a high performance micro sprinkler that performs as well as the day it was installed, even after numerous seasons and prolonged shut-off periods.

The John Deere S2000 Micro Sprinklers and S2000 Flow Regulated Micro Sprinklers are ideal choices for a wide range of applications, including bananas, nuts and citrus.

Throughout Australia, over 30,000 S2000 sprinklers have been trialled since 2009 as part of John Deere's stringent quality testing process. Where other sprinklers would stick at the start of a season, the John Deere S2000's wear-resistant movement enabled instant operation without servicing.

John Deere Water Orchard Products
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Tornado Ray Jet
No moving parts to break, jam or wear out.

The Tornado Ray Jet stream sprayer uses a vortex nozzle which creates a turbulent water flow throughout the large water passageway. And with the turbulent flow and large water passageway, clogging hazards are minimised – even at low flow rates.

John Deere Water Orchard Products

JFR Spray
When flow regulation is required, you can't go past the JFR Spray. Delivering low angle jet streams to protect fruit and foliage, the JFR is the ideal solution for under tree irrigation on sloping terrain, or where long lateral lengths are required.

Additionally, with no moving parts and integral anti-ant, you can depend on the JFR to perform season after season.

John Deere Water Orchard Products
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John Deere S5000 Plastic Impact Sprinkler
The John Deere S5000 Plastic Impact Sprinkler is ideal for both overhead full-cover irrigation in open fields and under canopy irrigation in orchards. The S5000 is a well-balanced sprinkler with one or two nozzles and ½" male threaded connection.

The S5000 Plastic Impact Sprinkler is designed with a non-corrosive body, a stainless steel spring for durability, a green cover for protection against sand and dirt, and bayonet nozzles with multiple flow rate configurations.

John Deere Water Orchard Products
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Hydrogol Drip Line
The Hydrogol emitter is a cylindrical dripper, designed with a long, wide labyrinth. This configuration provides a turbulent water flow which minimises the formation of residues that may cause clogging.

Hydrogol drip lines are manufactured with two-orifice outlets. The additional outlet helps to eliminate the intrusion of small particles when the water is shut off.

John Deere Water Orchard Products
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Hydro PC Drip Line
Hydro PC is a drip line made with flow regulating cylindrical drippers that have a sensitive floating diaphragm to regulate and maintain a constant flow rate at variable inlet pressures.

Hydro PC is ideal for fields with sloping terrain or long run lengths. Because Hydro PC has a large cross-sectional labyrinth and self-cleaning mechanism, it's highly resistant to clogging. And with two outlets per dripper to help prevent soil particles being sucked back into the dripper, Hydro PC will continue to deliver the right amount of water year after year.

John Deere Water Orchard Products
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Hydro PCND Drip Line
Hydro PCND contains flow regulating cylindrical drippers that have a no-drain feature. The water stops flowing through the emitters when the pressure drops to 1.0 m.

The no-drain feature protects drip lines from sucking in small soil particles at system shut down, making it ideal for sub-surface and greenhouse pulse irrigation systems.

John Deere Water Orchard Products
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John Deere D5000 Drip Line
The John Deere D5000 Flow Regulated Drip Line incorporates a unique self-cleaning flat dripper engineered to resist clogging.

Featuring pressure regulating capability of up to 350 kPa, a wide range of flexible configurations, and built to John Deere's stringent quality control measures, the John Deere D5000 is the ideal choice for high performance irrigation and reliability.

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