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The best way to pull a John Deere Scraper is with a John Deere Scraper-Special Tractor. It’s the only fully integrated tractor-scraper system on the market and does as much or more work as a self-propelled scraper or truck and excavator – but at one-third of the initial investment, and with half the labour for a lower cost of operation. Power through your earthmoving operations with a John Deere 9R/9RT Scraper-Special Series Tractor.

 9R Series Scraper-Special Tractors

9R Series Scraper-Special Tractors

High-flow hydraulics, drawbar support options, axle flats, and reinforced axles allow the 9R Scraper-Special Tractors to handle the heavy loads of scraper applications.


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 9RT Scraper-Special Tractors

9RT Series Scraper-Special Track Tractors

A 9RT Scraper-Special Track Tractor is the right choice for sandy and soft conditions. Extra-tough scraper-version track belts, an extra-comfortable cab, plus a heavy-duty steering pump help you take on big jobs with confidence.


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