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Riding Greens Mowers

Nowhere on your course gets more scrutiny than your greens. Which is why we offer so many features to help you achieve quality results. Like exclusive offset cutting units to prevent “triplex ring.” Quick Adjust cutting units to make it easy to set to the perfect cut height. E-Cut Hybrid technology to virtually eliminate the possibility of a hydraulic leak. And a support organisation that’s there for you every morning you’re out on the course.

PrecisionCut Series

PrecisionCut Series

Light on the green, precise on the cut. Both the 2500B PrecisionCut and 2500E E-Cut Hybrid riding greens mowers are extremely light on their feet. They are designed with a high-strength tubular steel frame, low-profile tyres and a wide footprint to minimise ground pressure. And he cutting units on both units are offset to the left-hand side to provide the operator with increased visibility and the ability to alternate the cleanup cut each day, preventing “triplex ring” on the green.

2500B Diesel
2500B Petrol
E-Cut Hybrid Series

E-Cut Hybrid Series

The 2500E E-Cut Hybrid is a riding greens mower that puts power in all the right places. With a choice of a petrol or diesel engine, the 2500E E-Cut Hybrid powers the reels using a belt-driven alternator. By removing all the hydraulics from the cutting units, we’ve eliminated 102 potential leak points. And since 90 percent of all hydraulic leaks occur in and around the reels, the possibility of a leak is extremely remote.

2500E E-Cut Hybrid Diesel
2500E E-Cut Hybrid Petrol

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