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Front-Mounted Mower-Conditioners

Front-Mounted Mower-Conditioners are the perfect machines to cut in small spaces or odd shaped fields. Their excellent manoeuvrability makes them easy to operate and their front mounted design eliminates the need to drive over standing crop... even at the beginning of fields.


The trapezium suspension allows the mower-conditioner to float over uneven ground contours. Suspension springs on the 228A maintain constant down pressure on the cutting bed. Should you hit an obstacle the model pivots, lifting the cutterbar over the obstruction and returns it to the previous cutting height.


The 131 front-mounted model features hydropneumatic suspension for even more responsive and reliable flotation. The machine automatically lifts up to follow contours or compensate for soft ground, letting you work at faster field speeds with confidence. The 131 lets you cut 3.1m... but the shields fold in to allow a transport width less than 3m.


Add a 131 or 228A front-mounted to your rear-mounted or trailed MoCo, and double your productivity.

Product features are based on published information at the time of publication. Product features are subject to change without notice. Contact your local John Deere dealer for more information.