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Pre-Owned Equipment Warranties

Assured Certified Pre-Owned EquipmentLimited Power Train Warranty
Certain Powertrain components are covered by this warranty for a total of 12 months. The "Limited Power Train Warranty" commences on the receipt of a Customer Delivery Receipt, and applies to the following items.

Engine Items Covered:
Rocker arm cover and gasket, cylinder head and gasket, oil pan and gasket, injection pump and gasket, water pump and gasket, thermostats, engine block, ring gear and flywheel, timing gear cover, front and rear engine seals, manifold and gaskets, flywheel housing and gasket and all parts fully enclosed within the above components.

Transmission Items Covered:
Hydraulic control valves, clutch housing, drive shaft with universal joints, hydrostatic transmission pump and/or motor assemblies, pump, axles(s) and differentials(s), final drive and axles, wet service and wet parking brakes, mechanical rear wheel drive differential/axle assembly with its drive shaft with universal joint and control, hydraulic rear wheel drive assembly (including the drive pump and motor, electronic control and solenoid control valve), steering and lift pump, reel pump and motors, drive components on standard John Deere attachments, park brake.


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