John Deere is proud to provide our customers with a market leading 3 level blended approach to operator training. This customer driven comprehensive solution is in response to a well documented industry shortage of skilled operators. Operators will develop the skills and confidence necessary through the use of electronic media, simulators, and expert instructors.

John Deere Operator Training - Level One   John Deere Operator Training - Level 2   John Deere Operator Training - Level 3
Level-1 is the first step to becoming a safe and efficient operator. Through the use of self-study online courses, videos and multimedia, operators will learn machine knowledge including daily service checks and machine specific controls.   Level-2 is a cost effective, safe, and efficient way to train new operators in a risk-free environment. Operators will learn proper operator technique, machine controls, and safe operation in a virtual jobsite.   Level-3 involves an instructor-led operator course on a real machine. Operators will be provided with information and training to assist them with demonstrating correct planning and operating techniques for a customized machine application.


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