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C Series Carry-all Scrapers

C Series Carry-all Scrapers

C Series Carry-Alls have a standard bucket with a straight-blade configuration. Heavy-duty cylinders rotate the bucket when unloading for super-fast cycle times and peak performance. Carry-Alls weigh less than Ejector Scrapers and have better flotation, giving them superior loadability in sandy soils.

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    E Series Fixed-Blade Ejector Scrapers

    E Series Fixed-Blade Ejector Scrapers

    Ejectors are built with heavy-duty cylinders that push the rear wall forward to unload material. The fixed blade is visible from the cab for outstanding control in precision grading. Ejectors have a super-fast cycle time and their heavier weight make them a perfect match for wet, sticky soils.

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      • 8000 Series Tractors

        8000 Series Tractors

        Tractors used with scrapers require different specifications than agricultural tractors because of higher loads placed on the tractor. For this reason, John Deere recommends select 8000 Series Tractors for pulling scrapers of appropriate size, weight and capacity. See your dealer for details.

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        • 7000 Series Tractors

          7000 Series Tractors

          The 7000 Series combines the versatility of a utility tractor with the power of a row-crop tractor. Features include a new chassis that lets you ballast the tractor for hayfields or cornfields, a front hitch and PTO, six rear SCVs, plus increased hitch-lift and hydraulic capacities.

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          • iGrade Precision Leveling

            iGrade Precision Leveling

            Make your water management and leveling practices hassle-free by using iGrade to automate the hydraulic commands of the scraper’s cutting blade. iGrade also automates Surface Water Pro™ Plus, so ditching is even easier.

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