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Riding Mower Maintenance Videos

A properly maintained lawn tractor not only extends your tractor's life, it is also the key to a healthy green yard. Fortunately, maintaining your mower is easy to do and we can help show you how. These service clinic videos give the basics to maintaining your mower.
Air Filter Maintenance Video

Air Filter Maintenance
4 Minutes 17 Seconds:

Make sure your mower's engine has the fresh, clean air it needs. Here are the steps to replacing the air filter.

Fuel Filter Maintenance Video

Fuel Filter Maintenance
5 Minutes:

Make sure you mower's engine gets a steady supply of clean fuel. Here are the steps to installing a new fuel filter.

Mower Deck Maintenance Video

Mower Deck Maintenance
4 Minutes 30 Seconds:

Here's how to replace the drive belt, replace a blade, and lubricate the mower deck.

Oil and Lubrication Maintenance Video

Oil and Lubrication Maintenance
5 Minutes 30 Seconds:

Here are the basics to changing oil, installing the filter, and lubricating your lawn tractor.

Removing and Attaching Your Mower Deck Video

Removing and Attaching Your Mower Deck
4 Minutes 8 Seconds:

Here are the steps for removing and reattaching the mower deck.

Spark Plug Maintenance Video

Spark Plug Maintenance
3 Minutes 42 Seconds:

Make sure your mower's engine has the good spark it needs for fast starts and smooth running. Here are the steps for changing a spark plug.


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